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Verified ID

Buyers and Sellers verify their identity by submitting an image of a government issued Photo ID and a selfie with the government ID. We accept the following pieces of government ID:

  • Driver Licence
  • Passport
  • Resident card

A verified user will have a Green Tick next to their profile

verify your account

Know your Seller

Visit a user profile page before buying their service. Check out the seller's:

  • Experience Level (EXP.LEVEL)
  • No of Services Sold
  • No of Services Bought
  • Account Balance

Also read the details of the service you want to buy by checking out:

  • Review and comments from previous buyers
  • Refund amount
  • No of days a refund is valid for
Pay with eeds:
Secured, Fast, and Guaranteed

Pay with Ease

Paying for your service with eeds is easy and convenient. Eeds is the world first international barter currency, that allows you to sell a service in one country and buy a service in another country, We use a payment type that guarantees every seller gets paid.

  • Payment type(twoPlugs): A secured payment type where a buyer pays the full amount of the service to twoPLUGS and we pay the seller after buyer confirms receiving the service.Read more

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