how to generate more sales

Users that share postings of their service or need on Facebook and Twitter tend to generate more sales. To share:

1. Create a service (or need)

2. Save your service

3. After saving the service, you will see the share icon next to Service Description

4. Select to share on Facebook, Twitter or by Email

To ensure your services and needs are always found in a search, ensure you use the appropriate category and sub-category. Choose a network, City and State that is accurate.

Lastly, ensure your business is competitive by wisely using:

1. Price

2. Refund Policy (refund %, no. of days refund valid)

how to find the most traded service

To stay competitive, you want to know what users in your network are buying and selling. Use your dashboard to get this information.

1. Live updates in my network: This dashboard shows a live newsfeed of what users in your network are posting.

2. Top5 services in network: This dashboard shows the top 5 services sold in your network. The circled number infront of the service shows the quantity sold.

3. Top5 traders in network: This dashboard shows the users selling the most services. It is worth following them to see what they are doing right. 

how to find my ongoing transactions

An ongoing transaction is a transaction that is not yet complete. The transaction may be in one of the following states:

1. Awaiting a bidding approval

2. Awaiting a sale approval

3. Awaiting a delivery

4. Awaiting a confirm delivery

To see your ongoing transaction:

1. Sign in

2. Click on twoplugs logo to access your homepage

3. View the Pending Transaction dashboard

how to send us a feedback

We want to hear from you. To send us a feedback when signed in:

1. Select feedback from the bottom of the page (footer)

2. Provide a subject and content

3. Click submit feedback to send

4. We will review all your feedback and get back to you shortly.

Note: If you are not signed in, select contact on the home page to send us a feedback

how to receive emails from twoplugs

Depending on your notification settings, we will send you an email whenever an event happens. Some email hosts (like yahoo, hotmail, gmail) may flag our emails as Junk or Spam. To continue receiving emails from us:

1. Mark all emails from twoplugs as not junk or not spam

2. Ask for the email to be moved from your Junk/Spam folder to your inbox.

how do i trust a buyer to pay me

We prevent buyers from buying a service they cannot afford. To ensure you always get paid:

1. Check a buyer account balance before agreeing to sell

2. All transactions use a payment type of twoplugs (this is when twoplugs holds the full payment and release to seller upon delivery of service)

3. Check the user experience level. See how many services have they bought and sold

4. Read the user reviews

5. You can also report a user to twoplugs. 

Account of users that do not abide with our terms of use will be suspended or deleted.

how much should i sell my services

The price of services will be gradually determined by buyers and sellers. 1 eed is valued at $1, so sell your service at a similar price. For example, if a service is $20, charge 20eeds.

1. If your service is priced higher than the average, ensure the quality of your service justifies the price.

2. You can lower your price to increase sales.

what does twoplugs and eeds means

twoPLUGS is an online service marketplace where people sell what they are good at to buy what they need. The name came from a vision where two electric plugs connect, where one plug represents a service and the other plug represents a need.

Hence our slogan: twoPLUGS, a plug for your service and another for your need.

Our currency name, eeds came from the word Needs. We figured eeds is the best word that can be used to meet people needs. We are clearly not gifted at naming things but hey we gave it our best shot lol.


how to approve an order

You will get a new message whenever a user tries to bid, buy, sell you a service or need. Make it a habit to always check your messages. To check your messages: 

1. Click on Messages on the navigation menu

2. Select Inbox to view your new and old messages

3. Do not delete a message until your order is complete, as you may need the message to apply for a refund, to reject an order, to leave a review etc

To ensure we send you an email whenever you receive a new message:

1. Ensure messages is checked in Notifications. See help topic Get Started>Email Notification


how to trust a user before buying from them

Your safety is our first priority. As such it is safer to always buy and sell to a verified user. To see if a user is verified: 

1. Visit the user profile page by clicking on their username

2. Look out for a green tick next to the text Profile on their profile page.

3. A green tick means the user is verified, while a grey tick means the user is not.

4. To read more about Trust & Safety, visit twoplugs.com/trustsafety


how to verify my id

A verified user is a user that has uploaded a copy of a government issued photo ID for vetting. Being verified increases the trust level of other users when dealing with you. To verify your ID:

1. Go to your profile page

2. Double click on the grey tick next to the text Profile

2. Alternatively, go to Settings. Select Verify your ID tab

3. Upload the front copy of your government issued photo ID

4. Select Save & Continue to send

5. The grey tick will change to a green tick once approved

Note: It is always safer to trade with a verified user. Visit twoplugs.com/trustsafety to read more about trust and safety

how to find someone that needs my service

You can search for users posting by:

1. Click on Plugs on the navigation menu

2. Select the Service or Need tab

3. Select your criteria and select the search button

We automatically match you with users that need a service you want to buy or sell

1. A service match is created for you whenever you create a new service or need

2. A match is found based on your network (city), categorysub-category, and if your service or need posting is active.

3. For example, Tom creates a service for a Car Wash in Toronto. We will automatically match Tom with all the users in Toronto looking for a car wash

4. You will receive an email showing the name of the user and a link to their service details page whenever we find you a match

5. To see your service matches, select Settings>Service Match

6. See your matches under CURRENT MATCH

7. To add a new match, Select a type of match, category and sub category from ADD A NEW MATCH

8. Select ADD button to save

Note: Push the delete icon to delete a match you no longer need.

how to get more eeds

You can earn eeds the following way:

1. By selling more of your skills.

2. By referring your friends to join twoPLUGS and trade with you. You get 5eeds for everyone of your referral that joins.

3. By buying eeds with your credit card

Note: Just like in a real marketplace, ensure your price matches the quality of the service you provide. Ensure your refund policy is fair. Do a good job and your customers will keep coming back.