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Start selling a skill you are good at

to buy a skill you need

  • Money Free

    You no longer need money to buy a service
  • Match Maker

    We match your service with people that need them
  • Eeds

    Spend eeds and save your money. Read more about the security of eeds.
  • Safety

    All service providers are verified and vetted. Read more about Safety

Here's how it works

twoPLUGS is more than just a product, it is a way of living.

  • Sign up

    Sign up with your email address or by Facebook.

  • Tell us what skills you have

    Set up your profile. Tell us what skills you are offering to sell. Turn bidding off if you do not want to negotiate with buyers.

  • Deliver and earn

    We will automatically match you with users looking for your skills. You can also search for users yourself. Once there is a match, deliver the skill and earn eeds.

  • Save cash spend eeds

    Sell more of your skills and watch your account balance grow. You can save up for a big purchase or spend your eeds right away on a skill you need.

  • Have your needs met

    Use your eeds to buy a skill you need or be generous and give it away to a friend that needs it. Ensure to list your needs in the right category to allow us find you your best match.

What our users are saying

  • This has helped me spend less of my paycheque and more of my talents. twoPLUGS allows me to sell to people that would normally not be my typical customer

    Kimberly, hair stylist
  • Wow...this is a neat idea. I carpool and pick up people on my way to work. Earned some eeds and used the eeds to fix my driveway. I'm hooked. Anybody else needs a ride?

    Ethan, accountant
  • twoPLUGS has made me think about myself as a service provider. I could never afford to pay cash for the services I'm currently buying. I now cut my hair at a really fancy salon.

    Liam, student

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up?

You need a facebook account or a valid email address to sign up.

What is eeds?

eeds is an international barter currency developed by twoPLUGS. A first of its kind, eeds is what you receive when you sell your services (skills). Use your eeds to buy a service you need or simply send to a family or friend in need. eeds allows you to spend less and save more of your money.

How much should I sell my service (skill)?

The prices of services will be gradually determined by buyers and sellers. 1eed is valued at $1, so sell your services at a similar price. For example if a service is $20, charge 20 eeds. Read more about eeds and international trading.

How do I trust a Seller?

Before buying a service from a seller, make sure to read reviews from past buyers. Check out the seller experience ranking, the ratings of the service and the number of sold services. Ensure you agree with the payment type and refund policy before agreeing to buy a service.

What kind of service (skill) can I sell?

You can sell any kind of service. There are several service categories to choose from. Ensure to list your service in the right category.

Can I use twoPLUGS?

twoPLUGS is currently only available in US and Canada. An international version will be released soon.

How do I trust a Buyer to pay me?

We prevent buyers from buying a service they cannot afford. We do this by comparing the account balance of the buyer to the price of the service they want to purchase. All purchases use a payment type of "twoplugs", where the buyer pays full amount to twoplugs, and twoplugs pays you after the buyer confirms delivery of service.