twoPLUGS is a service marketplace

where users sell services they are good at, earn some points (eeds), and use to buy a service they need ALL without the need for money. Some call us service barters, we call ourselves service match makers.

  • Save Money

    Save the money you spend on services by trading your skills
  • Join now for free

    Sign up and receive 50eeds worth $50 you can use to shop right away
  • Start a Company

    Go Pro and start getting credited for all the things you love to do


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    Team size

  • 500+

    Trading cities

Our team

  • The idea was born while I was a youth leader working with young adults in Toronto. I mentored about 50 youths and not long did I realize a need of one person was the strength of another, so I thought why not have a marketplace and create a money free connection.
    Tye Alli
    Founder & CEO
  • Over 10 years experience leading development and technology strategy at a leading Canadian bank. Tye sold me the idea of a money free service exchange at a coffee shop and I joined right there.
    Koni Zhang
  • Art and Designs are part of my identity. Knowing the demographic of our product, I worked to create vibrant designs and seamless work flows that will keep the attention of our users. Enjoy!
    Andrey Boiko
    Lead Designer
  • The biggest innovation that excites me is our digital currency, eeds. The potential is huge. Working with this team is fun and challenging where no day is the same.
    Roma Khomych
    Lead Developer

Taking the sharing economy to the next level

We live in a disruptive world where innovative companies use technology as a leverage to remove the middle man and reduce the cost of services. This idea has been successful to those who can afford to pay $20 for a service that used to cost $40. What about paying $0? The sharing economy just evolved. Be a part of the next generation.

- Tye Alli

Freedom is choosing what to spend your money on