The power of eeds

You no longer need money to buy a service. Spend eeds, the world first international barter currency

Buy. Sell. Earn. Save

The Power of eeds

eed is the first international barter currency. Spending eeds allows you to save more and worry less about money. Read more to see how fixing your buddy's truck in Texas could earn you eeds that you can spend paying a tour guide in Mexico!

Internationally Accepted

eed is the first digital barter currency that is accepted all over the world. We are currently operational in over 500 cities across the United States and Canada. We are expanding every day and will soon become the #1 digital global currency.

American Standard (USD)

The value of eed is equal to the value of your local currency. For example; for a user living in California, 1 eed = 1 USD. So also for a user in Germany, 1 eed = 1 Euro. This allows for easy pricing of services. During international trade, the value of eeds will be based on the value of the user local currency compared to the American Dollar.

Juan is from Mexico. He teaches spanish online for 100eeds. This equals 100 Mexican Peso (MXN)
Tom will only pay 6 eeds as 1USD=18MXN
*note: currency conversion is based on a daily market rate
Juan will receive 100 eeds in his account
Tom is from USA. He has 20 eeds in his account. This equals to 20 USD. He wants to learn Spanish.


eed is a cryptographically secured electronic currency used for transactions within the twoplugs application. Its underlying technology is based on the concept of a digitally signed and encrypted token with strong auditing capabilities

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Cashing out

The more eeds you earn and spend, the more leverage the currency has. With currently over 30,000 eeds in daily transactions, the future of eeds is great. By reaching over a million eeds in daily transaction, you will be able to spend your eeds outside the twoPLUGS network. Popular Fast foods, Restaurants, Gas stations, Coffee shops, department stores will soon start accepting eeds.


Peace of Mind

We built eeds just for you. No more worrying about running out of money, or waiting anxiously for your next paycheque. Simply save your money and spend eeds. You have a skill somebody else needs, so start earning and spending eeds.